Recently we at Write 2 Right were asked to write poems inspired by art at the SISTAS exhibition in Ballito, South Africa. The poems had to be exactly 62 letters – a poetry form known as Sestude. The art piece I was assigned was created by local, weel-known architect Amanda Lead and involved moving wooded circles along an organically shaped wire. When I moved the circles, I felt a sense of peace and centeredness. Here is the poem I wrote:


what thoughts are yours today?

they come, they go, pause, settle, quieten,

be still, soften into silences, spaces,

rejoice in solitudes,

before has gone and next has not yet been,

it is now,

breath in, hold, breath out, hold,

circles, gliding, boundlessness, loosened, gentled,

letting go, reassured, when your thoughts are of you

hold them for a while, rejoice at the wonder