About Write2Right

You pick up a pen or open your computer and begin to write. Is it to be a novel? A memoir? A poem? A screenplay?

Questions form … What do I want to say? Will anyone want to read this? Am I wasting my time?

With those few initial questions, cascades of chemicals are released deep inside the sulci of your brain: sodium and potassium rush across cell walls. Nerve cells (neurones) release specialized neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, noradrenaline. A nerve cell fires up in your pre-frontal cortex and synapses with another and another and another until your entire brain is active and charged and energized.

What happens next?

Do your thoughts travel around and around in everlasting circles (neural looping)? Do you write the same thing over and over without moving forward?  Can`t think of anything new to say?

Do your thoughts twist and tangle and twist again so there seems to be no control over what you think or what you write (neural entanglement)? You can`t seem to be able to form a coherent story?

Is your inner critic preventing you from writing? Do you feel just too unhappy to write (neural blunting).

Do you end up frustrated and disappointed? I want to write but I just can`t.

Help is at hand.

Write 2 Right provides an opportunity to explore an essential, yet often neglected part of writing- the “neurophysiology of writing.” We offer a window to look at your thinking processes. Is your thinking perhaps looped or entangled or blunted or engrained in a negative pattern? We illustrate, through neuroplasticity theory, that unhelpful neurological processes can be changed, molded, reset to improve your writing. And, the exciting thing about resetting unhelpful neurological pathways is that physical and psychological well-being will simultaneously improve.

So, with Write2Right your writing improves and healing occurs.